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Dished Head Lines

Under Dished Head Lines, we provide Flanging Machines and Hydraulic Press with Manipulators. As a manufacturer, exporter, distributor, supplier, and trading company in Italy, we guarantee of an outstanding quality products having high capacity and extensive strength. Our Flanging Machine has been designed with a solid electro-welded and stress relieved C-frame that improves the functional efficiency of the machine. Hydraulic press range that we provide has circular shear and dishing press. The machine has power up to 3,000 tons and thus is ideal for dishing, straitening, and swaging. Moreover, there is an option for single machine or full production line to serve the specific requirement of the clients.   

Key Features

  • Advanced dished ends fabrication line
  • Automatic manipulators
  • Global plate handling system
  • Automated production
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Hydraulic Press With Manipulators

Hydraulic Press With Manipulators are comprised of T slots at the lower level, metal structures at basement of different electro-welded thicknesses, and a hydraulic unit consisting of motor pump & pressure relief valves. They are used for manufacturing automobile assemblies, home appliance parts, military ammunition shells, ship parts, and compressing particulate matter that makes up ceramics. These presses work on the principle of Pascal’s law which states that the pressure intensity is equally transmitted via a mass of fluid at rest in all directions.

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Flanging Machine

Flanging Machine is ideal equipment for fabricating metallic structures in numerous bending profiles. It is extensively utilized for manufacturing round, ring, arc, & spiral workpieces that are used in aerospace, automobile, ship building, and machine manufacturing sectors. This machine is greatly admired for reducing production cost, and easy & convenient operation. It is comprised of a welded frame & processed shaft which offers a large frame overhang via its lower shaft integrated body.